Oh My Gosh! I’m Engaged!

I am very happy to share that Nick and I are engaged!

On August 2, Nick and I went for a walk with Gracie. Prior to this walk, I saw him shove a giant ring box into his pocket. This engagement was done in a very Nick way—not at all inconspicuously. We walked to a pier overlooking the Fox River. A place where Gracie and I often go—a place where I’ve found peace and contentment. Nick and I sat on a bench talking until he finally gathered the courage to get down on one knee.

Nick began with, “First of all…” to verbalize all of the millions of reasons why he wanted to marry me (I imagine) when we heard laughing and screaming. We turned and realized a boat full of about ten people were headed in our direction. I told him, “You can wait if you want to.” So we sat for another 20 minutes watching these people remove their boat while laughing about the imperfections of this moment.

There is beauty in the mess.

Nick then got down on his one knee (again) and asked me to marry him. The words he spoke were beautiful and heartfelt and I will never fully be able to recall them. But for the first time in grief, I was able to respond to a question with an unwavering, no doubts, fully certain, for sure, “YES!”

I’m sure Nick did not think of it, but this is the same river where Shawn jumped to end his life. In a way, that is sort of poetic to me.

Where one dream ended. Another began.

6 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh! I’m Engaged!

  1. Gail Gonwa says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Lindsay…I am so happy for you and Nick and the dreams you are sharing together. Love you so much and always will…mOm 🙂


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