The Good Old Days

A contribution from my favorite (and only) guest blogger, my mom, today.

I’ve learned a lot (maybe a little) about technology. I’ve taken thousands of pictures and sent hundreds of texts, but now I’m being cautioned daily – Storage space running out. Some system functions may not work. Technology forces me to take trips down memory lane, and I spend way too much time reading old texts and looking at pictures dozens of times before making room for new memories. But there are some pictures I cannot delete. They are reminders of the good old days.

It was two years ago – July 16, 2015 – when I got my first smart phone. Lindsay, Abby, Jase and I were going wedding dress shopping and I needed to preserve these precious moments in time when my daughter found the wedding dress of her dreams. Lindsay went with me to buy my first phone and I was set. My very first picture is of the two of us in the car on our way to the bridal shop with such happy, carefree, excited smiles anxious for the fun we were about to have. It was the best day ever! I’ve never seen Lindsay so happy and so content with life.

My daughters taught me about hashtags, too. They convey the emotional sentiments that go along with the picture, but you write your own. Last night I sent that picture of the two of us to Lindsay wishing we could go back to the good old days and her response was a single hashtag – #beforelifecrushedme. So true. Brutally honest true. How can one simple picture filled with tremendous life and love and fun and hope leave so much heaviness on my heart and so much more importantly, on Lindsay’s heart?

Maybe because it’s July again and I can’t help but take this trip down memory lane – July 16, 2015, new phone and wedding dress shopping, July 23, 2016, Lindsay and Shawn’s wedding date that will always be remembered, and July 29, 2017, eighteen months since Shawn passed away, Lindsay’s love and life, who will be dearly remembered always and forever.

With the good old days behind us, we move forward. Healing is a process, which Lindsay reminded me in another hashtag – #workinprogress. She is so smart! As we learn to live again, love again, heal, and grow, we are all a work in progress.

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