The Story of the Blue Jay

Many people in my family are big believers of signs from the afterlife. Lights flickering, songs playing, cardinals, feathers, butterflies, and pennies appearing to name a few. When Shawn first passed away, lights closest to me would flicker and I could almost feel his presence there with me. One time as I sat with my family, I heard the song, “You Are My Sunshine” playing in a commercial I had never seen before. It was what Shawn had written in my last birthday card and a song we (okay maybe just I) sang to our dog, Gracie.

Then for a few weeks, the signs stopped. On the hard days, I stood outside and prayed for Shawn to send me a sign letting me know that he was at peace and happy. Then on the Friday I was deciding if I wanted to return to work, a blue jay appeared in my parent’s backyard. Earlier that same day, I was looking at a Facebook page my aunt had liked that identified signs from the afterlife as well as shared their meanings. I knew the blue jay was on there, so I went back to look at its meaning. It read, “A blue jay links Heaven and Earth. As a sign from your loved one, the jay is a reminder to nurture your body and soul.” At that moment, I knew that was a sign from Shawn. I felt as though I was making the right decision–taking additional time to heal, grieve, and nurture my body and soul.

While I looked for it often, the blue jay did not return for many weeks. Then another challenging weekend arose–the weekend I was moving out of our place. I remember the Friday before the move, just laying in my bed for nearly four hours crying on and off feeling great amounts of sadness for what was to come. That next morning, the blue jay returned. Instead of prepping for the move on Sunday like I had planned to do that Saturday, I took that entire day to simply rest. Another sign from Shawn to nurture my body and soul.

The blue jay returned for the third and last time (so far!) on Mother’s Day just as I was filling out a card for Shawn’s mom. This time, I was finally able to capture a photo of it–the one you see above. I know I had previously written that I missed Shawn getting me gifts on Mother’s Day from Gracie, but I am realizing that the blue jay was my gift. It was a sign from Shawn reminding me to take care of me on the most difficult of days.

As my aunt Ruth says, “Is it odd or is it God?” Be open to the signs.








One thought on “The Story of the Blue Jay

  1. Jeanne DiCastelnuovo says:

    I watch your sweet little Gracie on video and you should be so proud of the way she thrived on your watch!!Bravo!!!It’s not easy to take such care of a baby bird I hope she will be safe from the storm I am praying for all of you


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