My Saving Grace

Through this journey of grieving, I am not sure what I would have done without our dog, Gracie. She has truly been my saving grace. She is the sweetest, most loving dog–and I do not just say that because I am her mom. Gracie has been by my side from day one, showing nothing but her unconditional love.

When I realized Shawn was not home that first morning and searched for him frantically, Gracie was there.

When I found out Shawn was no longer living and dropped to the ground filled with such overwhelming sadness, Gracie was there.

When I could not get to sleep during so many late nights, Gracie was there.

When I woke up in the morning, and remembered the reality of what my life had become, Gracie was there.

When I went to our place by myself for the first time and surrounded myself with a pile of laundry and cried as I breathed in Shawn’s scent, Gracie was there.

When everyone went back to work and continued on in their everyday lives, Gracie was there.

When I made big life decisions about work and where to live, Gracie was there.

When I walked through the woods and realized there might still be beauty in this world, Gracie was there.

I am so incredibly grateful for my Gracie girl and she probably has no idea what she has meant to me. She is my beautiful, angel on earth. Gracie is apart of both me and Shawn–she is the piece of our little family that I have left here with me and maybe that’s what means the most.

If I were Oprah for the day, this is what I would do for all the individuals suffering from a significant loss. If you happen to not be a puppy person, then you are just out of luck I guess.

P.S. I had to make this meme-how has no one done this?

oprah meme




4 thoughts on “My Saving Grace

  1. Gail Gonwa says:

    Right from the moment you decided to get Gracie, both you and Shawn knew she would fill your lives with love, but little did you know the significance of her name – Grace, my Gracie girl, my Saving Gracie. She definitely lives up to her name and more. Look at the sadness in her eyes. Gracie dearly misses her daddy, too. So do we. love you…..


  2. Diane says:

    Wow Lindsay – I’m very impressed with your foresight and knowledge and your ability to express your feelings. I know my situation is different, but the pain of losing Uncle Butch has forever changed me. I still struggle silently. I have been praying for you to find the strength you need. I really understand how Gracie is helping you! Reggie actually licked tears off my face. I know I’ve never told you but I’m proud of the young lady you are! Love, Aunt Diane


    • mysavinggracie says:

      Thanks so much, Diane. Your strength and ability to move forward after losing Butch, although very difficult, is an inspiration to me! ❤️ Not sure anyone knows how this feels until you live it yourself. It’s so very hard and you are right it forever changes you. Thank God for our dogs who helped us through. You should get another one. 😊 Love you!


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